Free Mail launched

The free mail service was launched in September 2016, it’s domain name is the first choice for all Vietnamese in foreign countries and Vietnam itself. Your favorite mail address should be registered today before it could be taken by some body else.



An email address identifies You as a Vietnamese or a foreign citizen of Vietnamese origin. This fact facilitates your communication and / or help you win new friendships or customers.


The mail delivery to and from our server is encrypted if the counter part supports encryption. Diffie-Hellman parameter is generated daily and the strongest SSL cipher suite is preferred so that a subsequent decryption of spied network data is effectively prevented.


With the popular webmail Roundcube You can encrypt your mail using PGP . The end-to-end encryption should always be used in case your password was spied, particularly in countries where freedom of expression is a foreign word.

Spam filter

As little as possible no spam should reach your mailbox. Our filter is set up to reject most of them during connection setup. Otherwise emails are examined in the second stage according to specific characteristics and marked if detected.

Virus scan

Before a new mail is delivered to your mailbox, the virus scanner ClamAV looks for known virus signatures. If detected, the mail will not be delivered and will be put under quarantine.


Our servers are located in Germany. Your mails enjoy protection under german laws, the most strictest worldwide. Rackhansa does not operate a search engine, so we are freed of any suspicion to scan your emails for targeted delivery of advertising.

As web host Rackhansa has sufficient resources such as server capacity and bandwidth to provide the best performance for all users of
If you need technical support or have any suggestion or questions, we look forward to your message.